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From Gamer Marketer to Senior Developer Advocate at Vercel | Hassan El Mghari

From Gamer Marketer to Senior Developer Advocate at Vercel | Hassan El Mghari

The inspiring journey of Hassan El Mghari who built an AI project that went viral with over 1,900,000 users.

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Hassan El Mghari is a Senior Developer Advocate at Vercel and a full-stack software engineer.

He founded UltraShock Gaming, a game marketing startup with a community of 500,000 members on Steam, and ran it for 4 years before selling it.

He worked at Fig as a Developer Advocate at the beginning of his career. Hassan has built several AI projects and is passionate about startups in the developer tools space and building interesting side projects. In today's episode, we explore:

  • How to make money as an online game marketer

  • How Hassan Transitioned from Electrical Engineering to Coding

  • The importance of learning in public

  • How to become an entrepreneur

  • How to build an online community

  • The power of consistency and repetition

  • How to do a full-time job and build side projects

  • and many more…

Where to find Hassan El Mghari:

Where to find Kelvin:

In this episode we cover:

00:00 Introduction

00:39 About Hassan El Mghari

01:37 Hassan’s developer journey before Vercel

06:30 How Hassan became an online game marketer on steam

09:00 How Hassan built his online gaming community to 50,000 members in 6 months and 500,000 members in one year

14:16 The Power of Consistency

16:23 How much Hassan made as an online game marketer.

18:25 How Hassan got his first Developer Advocate job

22:45 Hassan’s experience working at Fig

26:35 How Hassan became a Senior  Developer Advocate at Vercel

32:50 Hassan’s mindset and approach while working at Vercel and building side projects

37:51 How Hassan completed two AI (Artificial Intelligence) side projects in 2 weeks

43:20 The inspiration behind Hassan’s AI projects

49:19 About RoomGPT

1:00:03 Will AI models get cheaper?

1:01:23 What tech stack should Indie Hackers use?

1:04:02 Hassan’s advice to newbie builders

1:05:45 Hassan’s book recommendation

1:06:56 Hassan’s favourite TV shows

1:08:30 Final words from Hassan

1:08:53 How to connect with Hassan and view his projects






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